About Radcliffe Schools

Q1. What is Radcliffe School?

Radcliffe School is a pan-India network of schools from nursery to class XII. Presently, the school has 18 school campuses in Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bathinda, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Karnal, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Navi Mumbai, Raipur and Siliguri. It is envisaging 150 CBSE schools in the next five years from nursery to class XII.

Radcliffe School provides children with a holistic educational experience in an active and dynamic learning environment. It appreciates the unique, individual talents of children and follows instructional methods that suit every child’s different learning abilities.

Q2. What does Radcliffe stand for?

Radcliffe epitomizes three themes: Radiance, Courage and Energy that stand for the development of inner-self of the children which allows them to learn to follow the path less travelled and nurtures in them the zeal to bring about positive change in society. The school promises to deliver quality education through its well-trained teachers and highly interactive ICT-based teaching methodology.

Q3. How is Radcliffe School different from other schools?

At Radcliffe School we value every child’s individuality and appreciate the way he / she learns. The objective of the school is to provide each child with the opportunity to learn successfully and get lasting education.

Radcliffe Advantages:
• Multi-dimensional education that provides in-depth subject knowledge and gives equal emphasis on co-curricular activities to develop multiple skills
• Safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for your child
• A seamless pan-India school transfer facility. Parents in transferable jobs get guaranteed transfer facility to any of the 150 upcoming Radcliffe Schools through Radcliffe’s unique delivery system
• A comprehensive Life Skills & Leadership Development Programme aimed at improving the child’s personality and communication skills
• Specially designed Radcliffe Textbooks to make learning engaging, easier and enjoyable
• Radcliffe Academy of Excellence to provide training to teachers in using modern trends in teaching
• Information & Communication Technologis (ICTs) and multi-media content to make learning fun and interactive in all classrooms
• Quality infrastructure with extensive library, separate labs for computers, physics, biology and chemistry, as well as projector and computer enabled classrooms
• The Day Care Extended Hours Facility at all Radcliffe Schools

To achieve this goal, Radcliffe has developed an intelligent instructional delivery system called IntelligeX that offers ample choices for children to learn effectively. It employs a variety of learning-teaching methods using information & communications technology (ICT), multi-media, music, field trips, drama, arts, role-plays and games from nursery to class XII to make learning an individualistic, joyful learning experience for every child.

Q4. Who is running Radcliffe School?

Radcliffe Foundation, a charitable trust, is setting up Radcliffe Schools.


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