Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular – Hyderabad

Sports & Wellness  

Radcliffe Academy of Sports and Performing Arts is a prominent feature of our school, providing ample opportunities for students to develop their athletic and creative abilities. Whether it be through sports or extracurricular activities, this institution offers a wide range of avenues for students to excel in their chosen fields.

Theoretical curriculum and co-curricular activities at Radcliffe School Hyderabad fuel the students learning by stimulating creative thought, improving their social and organizational skills, developing interests and talents, and offering the chance to switch off and do something students really enjoy.

Cultural Activities  

Throughout the year, the school offers a variety of cultural activities that foster a secure and wholesome atmosphere for students to hone their skills and explore their talents. By engaging in these occasions, students have the opportunity to uncover fresh paths for advancement, perfect their abilities, and receive professional guidance in their fields of interest.

Cultural Activities  

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