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Radcliffe School, Patiala is a part of the Radcliffe group of Schools, a premium educational organization bringing innovation to learning since 2008.


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About Our Campus

Radcliffe School, Patiala is a part of the Radcliffe group of Schools, a premium educational organization bringing innovation to learning since 2008. The school offers a well-rounded pedagogy that fosters academic rigor, emotional engagement, and ethical inquiry. We are training the next generation of leaders to be innovative, inventive, critical thinkers, genuine, self-aware, and responsible.

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Patiala Principal

Ms Bindu Kohli

Principal at Radcliffe Group Of Schools, Patiala

Message From Principal

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world“

School’s purpose is to educate the children to enable and motivate them to take their place as leaders of the nation, industry and businesses by giving them a comprehensive education. It is our strong belief in the importance of teachers, parents collaborating and communicating openly and frequently. We strive to continually improve the means of communication, including giving our parents access to the school by regular PTA meetings.


We help our students to aspire, ascend and achieve.

The educational system at Patiala’s Radcliffe Group of Schools is focused on experiential learning that encourages students to learn by doing. The approach is planned meticulously and continuously evaluated to enable students to explore their hidden talents by providing them with actual, hands-on experiences in the form of laboratory projects, job training, and outdoor activities.

Our Teachers

With love and compassion for children, our teachers possess the remarkable capability to mould their aspirations for a brighter future. They encourage students to use their own initiatives and develop into independent learners with the ability to think critically. Their innate ability to bring out the best from students and expertise in teaching has put the students’ learning processes at ease. From teaching valuable life skills like communication, compassion and organisation to constantly motivating students to do better in every domain, they enable students to achieve simple goals in day-to-day studies and life in general.


Radcliffe Patiala is committed to providing excellent education by utilising modern teaching techniques. Our syllabus embraces the rich cultural, analytical, and scientific heritage of our country while keeping pace with global advancements. We encourage our students to use their imagination, wonder, and open-mindedness to explore new possibilities.

Extra Curricular

Radcliffe Patiala adopts a distinctive educational approach known as the Ratcliffian approach. We firmly believe in creating a personalised learning environment for each student, enabling them to explore and enhance their knowledge and skills. Apart from the conventional teaching methods, we also strongly advocate for student engagement in extracurricular activities and sports for an all-around education.

Our  Happy Parents

The importance of parents in shaping the future generation is well recognized by Radcliffe School, Patiala. This collaboration between parents and schools can boost the academic journey of students. To ensure transparency, we maintain clear communication channels and regularly update parents about their child’s progress. Working together with parents is our fundamental belief to guarantee overall success for students, not just in academics.

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Learn what our students and parents have to say about us




Learn what our students and parents have to say about us

Learn what our students and parents have to say about us

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Speak to our Admission Counsellors to know more

With a 21st century vision which focuses on teaching children, not teaching lesson plans our curriculum is focused on meaningful personalized learning experiences instead of a one-size fits-all pedagogy focused on rote learning. Our scientifically designed school curriculum caters to every age group and the customized approach to learning provides a perfect blend of best global educational practices and Indian traditional values. 

At our schools, our teachers and staff are all a part of a mission to nurture truly great citizens of the future. Together we focus not only on teaching ‘foundational skills’ of literacy and numeracy but also of ‘cognitive skills’ such as critical thinking and problem solving, and ‘social and emotional skills’ such as cultural awareness and empathy, perseverance and grit, teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Education empowers and inspires. This is exactly what we do at Radcliffe. Every child entering our school is special and it is our endeavour to celebrate this uniqueness and shelter them from our culture’s obsession with comparing and competing. Our students are empowered to be successful – professionally, socially, and emotionally, empowered to be the change and see the change, empowered to be sensitive to their environment and those around us and empowered to be global citizens leading with kindness, empathy, creativity, and a progressive attitude. Our inspiring environment enables students to reach their academic and social potential by developing and enhancing skills that create the foundation for a progressive future.

At Radcliffe, we provide our students a wealth of learning opportunities that would serve as an essential stepping stone to a fulfilling life and career.

Principal of the school

Ms Sarita Sharma