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Children are perpetually curious creatures. Curiosity is the driving force which motivates people to learn. Often our current education system focuses on completing the set curriculum and the ‘right vs. wrong answer’.

Instead of exploration and critical thinking, students end up relying on rote learning and become more enamored by the ‘answers’ rather than being curious about the process of deriving these answers. At Radcliffe, we know that every parent’s dilemma is ‘What can I do to provide the best education to my child? We help you with your child’s growth in the formative years and lay the foundation for a strong future.

We don’t teach lesson plans, we teach children – curious, exuberant and special in their own way  

Our role as guides, teachers and caregivers is to consistently provide a steady supply of the nourishment needed to keep the curiosity fed. Fostering this wide-eyed wonder and quest for new learning in our children is not about ‘making them curious’ rather it is about ‘helping them remain curious’.  We encourage our students to explore and seek answers for themselves.

Building and NurturingLeaders of Tomorrow

Propelled by our educational philosophy seeped in the best of traditions and modernisation, we are unleashing a generation who will question the status quo and bring upon a positive change in the world. At Radcliffe, our educational philosophy is based on 5 key pillars:

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For the last 19 years, we are developing future leaders
and progressing in the journey to impart value education.

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The Radcliffe Group of Schools opened its first school in India in 2009 and now has 14+ schools with over 12,000+ students across 8 states in India.

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Our blog is an information hub about the curriculum, academics, student life, events, activities, achievements and more.

Speak to our Admission Counsellors to know more

Speak to our Admission Counsellors
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