Enrichment Through

Enrichment Through Extracurricular

We involve OUR Student's Mind, Body and Spirit in the learning process.

The Radcliffian philosophy of education focuses on the overall development of the heart, mind and body. Our most recent endeavour – Radcliffe Academy of Sports and Performing Arts in our curriculum with experienced and highly-qualified staff members and coaches from some of the top institutions, is a concrete example of our commitmen

At the Radcliffe Group of Schools, we work with a deep commitment to creating a difference in children’s future by fostering 360-degree growth. With the introduction of the Radcliffe Academy of Sports and Performing Arts, we strive to develop students’ physical fitness and boost their confidence. R.A.S.P is the translation of the Radcliffian philosophy of ‘All Round Development’, where students gear up to learn diverse activities that will set them apart and help them go beyond the horizon in the future.

The Radcliffe Academy of Sports and Performing Arts is an ambitious initiative that encourages students to participate in their chosen area of interest outside school hours and get exclusive training and coaching from experts.

Developed keeping in mind children’s physical and psychological development needs,
R.A.S.P offers various skill sets as per their age and grades.

Pre-School - Early Stage

Development of fine motor skills And gross fundamental drills

Grade I & II - Introductory Level

Basic skill development in team games Individual sports – Skating,Judo/Karate/Taekwondo, Gymnastics

Grade III & IV - Preparatory Level

Introduction to team sports – Football, Basketball, Cricket, Handball Team formation training

Grade V to VII

Competitive Level
Basic skills in team progression Advanced skills to sharpen the sport sense Team exposure for competitions

Grade VIII - X

Training in team/individual sport Exposure to full sporting potential

Developed keeping in mind children’s physical and psychological development needs,
R.A.S.P offers various skill sets as per their age and grades.

What’s in Store for Students?

Team Sports

The Radcliffe Academy of Sports and Performing Arts encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities and get exclusive training from experienced and highly qualified coaches.

Team Sports

The Sports & Performing Arts cell of the Radcliffe Group of Schools provides an invaluable opportunity for students to gain skills in team sports – Football, Handball, Basketball and Cricket. Our well-structured programmes include training sessions conducted by highly qualified and experienced coaches and aim to develop physical stamina, skill set, discipline, camaraderie and strategising abilities amongst young participants.

Individual Sports

Radcliffe’s Sports & Performing Arts Cell is an invaluable resource for student-athletes, as it equips them with comprehensive knowledge of individual sports, such as Judo, Karate, Taekwondo and Skating. We provide specialised training sessions and guidance to help students learn the fundamentals and develop their skills. From track & field to gymnastics, young learners form a solid foundation in all aspects of competitive sports so they can reach their fullest potential without fail.

Individual Sports

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Radcliffe School’s Sports & Performing Arts cell enables students to explore their passion through a wide range of activities, including music, dance, art, speech and drama. The school provides both theoretical and practical classes on performing arts that help the students hone their skills and develop impressive artistic talent. In addition, our highly experienced faculty offers guidance at all levels so that every student is able to reach greatness in the field of performing arts with dedication and perseverance.

Club Care Activities

Children can now explore opportunities to grow and receive professional training in their chosen area of interest outside of their school in a safe, secure and healthy learning environment.

Exclusive training

Representation at related events and tournaments

Club Care Activities

Summer/Winter Camps

Summer & Winter Camps

These camps equip children with specialised skills in their chosen area of interest through individual activities.

Specialised programmes & activities to promote confidence, socialisation and communication

Improve socialisation & communication skills

Unlimited opportunities for holistic development beyond conventional classroom teaching

Offsite Camps

Focused on offering children extraordinary learning experiences, R.A.S.P also organises Domestic and International Sports and Education Tours along with offsite camps.

Annual tournaments

R.A.S.P city olympiads

Interschool tourneys of football, handball, cricket, and basketball in Goa

Winter cricket fest

T20 cricket tournament

International tourneys of football, handball, cricket and basketball in countries like Sweden, France, Spain, Norway, the UK, Germany, South Africa, and Srilanka, among others

Offsite Camps

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