Unleashing The WHY
In Learning

Why Radcliffe

Celebrating the Uniqueness of Every Child

At Radcliffe we work relentlessly towards empowering all children to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. We recognize that the academic, social and emotional needs of each child are different, and we are creating a future where each child is equipped to fulfill their own vision of success.

Constant self-improvement and pursuit of passions is a natural human tendency and as educators it is up to us to foster this natural appetite for learning. Our curriculum acknowledges and celebrates the uniqueness of every child, guiding them towards an ownership of their own path and pace of learning. We work with a single-minded goal: to ensure our students have the tools and opportunities to be ready for the evolving times and be resilient, multi-skilled and future ready

Celebrating The Uniqueness Of Every Child

Our education that brings the best of traditions and modernity has manifested in our students’ sensitivity towards mother earth, open-mindedness to new situation, and a desire to strive for a better world. We shape our students into thinking citizens of tomorrow’

At Radcliffe, we encourage our students to push the boundaries of current understanding and set benchmarks in the field of education. 

Inspiring Academic Excellence

Inspiring Academic Excellence

We are known for Experiential learning and Learning beyond classrooms 

Our educational approach enables every child to soar through new heights of academic and social success. Our commitment to conceptual growth and unleashing the ‘Why’ in learning ensures that our children gain confidence, become seamless entrepreneurial learners, and consistently outperform the global averages of standard exams.


Learn From The Finest Teachers

“Teachers can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges.” – Joyce Mayer

Teachers at Radcliffe, leave lasting fingerprints on the hearts they touch, by encouraging, inspiring, motivating and acting as role models. They provide an atmosphere both inside the classes and outside that builds perspective and instills a passion for lifelong learning. 

Our teachers don’t teach lesson plans; they teach children- each with their own individual brilliance, waiting to be discovered. They instill hope and challenge each student to discover their own limitless potential with courage and self-belief, helping them learn if they fail and joyfully celebrating their success.

Learn From The Finest Teachers

We have a dedicated team of teachers, teaching assistants and play leaders providing a haven and creating a positive environment where each child feels included and valued.  

Enrichment Through Extracurricular

Enrichment Through Extracurricular

‘You don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing’

Education in its true sense recognizes and celebrates unique talents in each child. At Radcliffe we cherish the gifts and innate strengths of our students and seek to continuously develop them

We involve our student’s brains, bodies, and spirits in the learning process through involving them in sports and extracurricular activities along with the academic pursuits. Radcliffian philosophy of education focuses on a complete learning experience that deepens and engages students’ interests in the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive domains.

The Radcliffe Academy of Sports and Performing Arts (RASP), is a concrete example of our commitment. RASP is an ambitious initiative that encourages students to participate in their chosen area of interest outside school hours and get exclusive training and coaching from experienced and highly-qualified staff members and coaches from some of the top institutions.

Developed keeping in mind children’s physical and psychological development needs, R.A.S.P offers various skill sets as per their age and grades.

Learner Centric Curriculum 

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s we rob them of tomorrow.”– John Dewey

At Radcliffe, we adapt the latest research in teaching and learning techniques in our curriculum. We have taken great care to ensure that the curriculum of the school amalgamates the rich cultural, analytical and scientific heritage of our country while keeping pace with the latest curriculum developments in the rest of the world. 

Shaping young minds to explore, express and experience is the focal point of our curriculum. 

Learner Centric Curriculum 

Parents - Our Invaluable Allies

Parents - Our Invaluable Allies

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first” – Matthew Jacobson

We consider parents as invaluable allies towards our aim of shaping young minds.  Radcliffe School, acknowledges and recognizes the value that parents can add to the schooling experience of their children when engaged in partnership. 

According to the research, parents who are continuously active in their children’s education can provide them equivalent to an extra two to three years of value education during their school years. We thus keenly promote parental engagement in school activities. 

At the outset we’ve tried to develop a parent partnership program that gives interested parents an opportunity to contribute to their child’s schooling experience.

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Speak to our Admission Counsellors
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