5 Reasons Why Spending Quality Time with Your Kid is Important

5 Reasons Why Spending Quality Time with Your Kid is Important

5 Reasons Why Spending Quality Time with Your Kid is Important

There is nothing more precious for you than spending time with your children. It is crucial for every parent to spend quality time with their little ones. Spending time with the child helps in the mental and emotional well-being of your child. It lays the foundation for a strong parent-child bond. Being a parent, it becomes your responsibility to make a conscious effort to prioritize quality time with your children.

5 Reasons Why Spending quality time with your kid is important?
In the fast pace of modern-day family life, it becomes really important for the parents to spend time with absolutely undivided attention with their kids. Vacation time and weekends offer lots of such opportunities for you to give time to your kids and strengthen the bonding.

Here is why you should make quality time a priority.

1. Helps in building up a child’s self-esteem
When you spend time with your child, trust is built between both of you. Children who spend time with their parents and closely participate in activities, develop a positive sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

2. Helps in developing positive behavior patterns
Young and adolescent kids who spend more time with their parents are more likely to develop positive behavior and good habits. They are less likely to engage in risky behavior. Spending time together reduces stress on parents and kids as well.

3. Helps in Positive Attitude
Family togetherness and parents’ involvement with kids certainly help in building positive attitudes in kids towards challenges and situations. They learn the life skills of calmness and positivity.

4. Encourages healthy communication
When you spend more time with your kids, you foster an environment for open and honest communication. Your kids find it comfortable and confident to talk to you about anything and everything.

5. Improves Child’s Academic Performance
Being a parent when you get involved with your kids in their academics like home assignments, reading, writing, etc. your child is more likely to perform better in academics. Your child remains focused and interested in studies.

Ways to spend quality time with your kids

Here are some simple ways to spend quality time with your child.

1. Set some Daily Rituals
Initiate some of the routines as rituals like taking dinner together, helping them when they study, asking your child how good was his/her day, with whom they play during recess time, what was the most interesting topic they studied today, and so on. Such conversations should be the launching pad for spending quality time with your child.

2. Have Regular Family Meetings
This is one of the best ways of spending quality family time together in which parents, grandparents, and your children should be part. The children learn how to be respectful with each other.

3. Plan Some Creative Activities
Take the time out for recreational activities with your child. Plant some flowering plants, and herbs in your garden or pots. Ensure you look after and water together with your child.

4. Have Daily Walks with Your Child
Plan some healthy activities with your child. Go for walks in nature or cycling at a suitable time either in the morning or evening. This healthy habit will definitely ensure good health for your child & and you.

Quality time means engaging with your child without any distractions. There should not be any disturbance of your phone calls or mobile. You should not be looking at messages on your mobile. Remember 10 minutes can matter much more than 10 hours. Spending quality time should always have some value-added and fun component that will help in your child’s personality development too.

Hope this blog has given you some insight on spending quality time with your child.