Learner-centred Education: A New Approach

Learner-centred Education: A New Approach

Learner-centred Education: A New Approach

In this advanced age where digitalization is at its peak, and it’s hard to spot a pair of hands without a phone in its clutch (especially in urban India), it’s crucial to understand that children have vast learning opportunities available to them.

In such a scenario, what makes a difference is how one recognizes their limitless potential and makes an effort to use it fully. That’s where the Learner-Centred Education Approach comes into the picture.

What is the Learner-Centred Education Approach?

Learners are wondrous, curious individuals with vast capabilities and limitless potential. The Learner-centred education system fundamentally alters how we perceive learners. It demands creating a system that adapts according to the individual learner, leveraging their strengths and passions and recognizing the underlying challenges and circumstances.

How is the Learner-Centred Approach of Education beneficial?

This approach comprises a mindset shift that places every learner at the centre of the knowledge-gaining and teaching process. Moreover, it structures the system to build appropriate support around them and acknowledges the need to bring alterations so as to meet the needs of all children.

When students are at the centre of the education system, their interests, passions, dreams, skills and needs shape their learning experience while driving the commitments and actions of the adults and communities supporting them. In simple words, the learners are active participants throughout the knowledge-gaining process as step-by-step they become the owner of the process and learning itself becomes an emerging and exciting process for them.

Teachers, in this novel approach, work as facilitators. As it may occur, it does not take away the responsibilities of the teachers; it rather requires them to negotiate with the learners about goals, content and methodology that is most-suited and helpful for learning.

Simply put, the learner-centred education approach aims to offer a new world view and demands a systematic shift in mindsets. It becomes an innovative approach to…well, just be. And that, in the crux, transforms everything.

Neena Singh


The Radcliffe Group of Schools, Patiala