Discover the Adventures of Summer Camp

Discover the Adventures of Summer Camp
Adventures of Summer Camp

Discover the Adventures of Summer Camp

Radcliffe Group of Schools Summer and Day Camp: Make this Summer Unforgettable

As the sun shines brightly, it’s time for students at Radcliffe Group of Schools to embark on an exciting journey at our summer camps. From sports to performing arts and astronomy, our diverse range of activities promises an enriching and thrilling experience.

Engaging Activities for All

Sports enthusiasts can hone their skills in cricket, basketball, and football under the guidance of experienced coaches. Meanwhile, budding artists can explore their talents in dance and music sessions that encourage creative expression.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Universe

Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos at our astronomy workshops, featuring KidSat Satellite exploration, Moon Calendar insights, HanLi Scope adventures, and the thrilling opportunity to build your very own rockets.

Dive into the Delights of Day Camp

For our young students in Classes 1 to 5, Radcliffe Group of Schools offers a vibrant day camp experience that promises a blend of excitement and enrichment.

An Array of Activities

From sports activities to drawing, singing, trekking, flameless cooking, and an enchanting magic show, our day camp is designed to captivate young minds and foster creativity.

Exploring New Horizons

Venture into the great outdoors with sports and trekking activities, unleash your imagination through drawing and singing sessions, and learn the art of flameless cooking in a safe and engaging environment. Round off each day with a spellbinding magic show that will leave you in awe.

Enroll Today for a Memorable Journey

Choose from our three vibrant camp sessions:

– Camp 1: March 15 to March 30

– Camp 2: May 1 to May 15

– Camp 3: May 16 to May 31

Experience the joy of exploration and discovery at our summer and day camps, where every moment is filled with fun and learning.

Ready for summer and day camp adventures at Radcliffe Group of Schools? Enrol now for a memorable experience that promises new skills, lasting memories, and endless fun!