Winning Strategies for Class 10 Board Exams: Hear from Radcliffe Toppers

Winning Strategies for Class 10 Board Exams: Hear from Radcliffe Toppers
Exams Topper Radcliffe

Winning Strategies for Class 10 Board Exams: Hear from Radcliffe Toppers

The release of CBSE Class 10 results marks a significant milestone for students across the country, showcasing the culmination of their hard work and dedication. Among the exceptional achievers are students from Radcliffe Group of Schools, whose stellar performances have garnered widespread recognition and admiration. As we delve into their stories of triumph, we uncover their strategies and attributes that led them to unparalleled success.

Anaya Shaikh – Radcliffe Kharghar

She secured an impressive 97.60% and bagged the top spot pan-India, emphasising the importance of planning and consistency in her study routine. She attributed her success to meticulous scheduling and unwavering dedication.

Riya Mangesh Kumar – Radcliffe Ulwe

With a remarkable score of 97.40% securing the second position nationally, she highlighted the significance of concentration and self-study in her exam preparation. Riya dedicated long hours to focused study sessions and believed in the power of self-assessment.

Aisha Charfare – Radcliffe Kharghar

Securing the third position at the national level with a score of 97.20%, Aisha stressed the importance of completing the syllabus early and solving sample papers. Aisha’s proactive approach to finishing the course beforehand and practising with sample papers significantly contributed to her success.

Archit Kesari – Radcliffe Pune &

Shifa Juned Isane – Radcliffe Kharghar

Riddhi Sharma – Radcliffe Ulwe

Archit, Shifa and Riddhi, securing the fourth position nationally with a score of 97.00%, emphasised the value of time management and belief in oneself. Archit’s efficient time allocation for each subject and Shifa’s confidence in her abilities were vital in their exceptional performance. Similarly, Riddhi highlighted the importance of consistency and setting goals. Riddhi’s disciplined study routine and clear objectives helped her stay focused and motivated throughout her exam preparation.

Kshitij Kumar Mishra – Radcliffe Bengaluru

The topper in Bengaluru with an impressive score of 95.4% underscored the significance of solving sample papers and self-study. Kshitij’s practice with past question papers and self-assessment techniques enhanced his exam readiness and performance.

Sanskar Tiwari – Radcliffe Hyderabad

Our Hyderabad topper, with a notable score of 96%, attributed his success to concentration and self-belief. Sanskar’s ability to stay focused during study sessions and maintain a positive attitude towards challenges helped him secure the top position in Hyderabad.

By embracing perseverance and strategic approach in their academic journey, these students have truly raised the bar for excellence. Their disciplined study habits and determination serve as guiding lights for aspiring scholars. With meticulous planning, steadfast consistency, effective time management, focused concentration, independent self-study, early syllabus completion, adept sample paper solving, and self-confidence, they paved the way for triumphs in academic pursuits. Here’s to celebrating the achievements of these outstanding individuals and to extending heartfelt wishes for continued success to all those embarking on their educational endeavours.